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Cultivate a wholesome life.

Several years ago, Elena Pezzo found herself living the daily grind of corporate America at a high-powered job in New York City. Mainly focused on her career, and maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle, Elena soon realized she needed to restore her life and make better choices. She left her job in New York, moved to South Florida, renewed her faith, and again fell in love with life. She began a career in coaching and helping others to make positive changes in their lives as well.

During this same time period, Charlie Grippo was going though similar life experiences. He was tired of being unhealthy, and decided to drastically change his eating habits by incorporating a more plant-based diet. It didn’t take long for him to reap the positive effects, easily dropping more than 25 pounds and gaining tons of energy.

In June 2011, having not seen each other in years, Elena and Charlie were suddenly reunited. Elena’s brother Anthony, Charlie’s childhood friend, had a stroke. Having both benefited from the power of nutrition, they teamed up to help him recover by incorporating super foods as part of his diet. Five months later, Anthony (Click here to find video) came out of the coma and went on to make a 100% recovery. By this time, Elena and Charlie were inseparable.

Their combined passion for a plant-based diet led them to a new venture, the Zenergy Truck. With this concept, Charlie and Elena traveled all over South Florida selling vegan/gluten-free smoothies, raw foods, and desserts. They continued to further their knowledge, including Charlie receiving a raw food certification from the Graff Academy in Atlanta. After selling the food truck in 2013.. they opened a beautiful brick n' mortar named Green Bar & Kitchen. Now on a daily basis, Charlie & Elena teach others the importance of wholesome, nutritious food choices. Their hope is that the community can be healed through proper nutrition and a positive lifestyle.

Green means: life, growth, and compassion. We started Green Bar & Kitchen to make a difference in peoples lives with a heart to give back to our community. A heart of compassion, a heart of life and a heart of green.

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Our Manifesto
Live a plant-powered life.
Be real. Be raw. Be radiant.
Make each day fresh-from-scratch.
Go for greens and grains.
Cultivate a wholesome life.
Pursue power-packed proteins.
Eat pure. Think pure.
Remain as colorful as your veggies.
Don’t waste or worry.
Nourish your mind and body.
Strive to be rich in vitamins and friends.
Take what nature provides.
Give back to your community.
Stand up for what’s right.
Sit down for a good meal.
Choose local and sustainable.
Insist on quality and goodness.
Believe in your dreams.
Love life.
Always be grateful.
Show your heart of green.

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