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About Us
Cultivating a wholesome life.

Green Bar & Kitchen was established to creatively bring vegan dining to a fresh, healthy, and delicious new level. We aim to serve rich-in-flavor, wholesome, plant-based food that has a positive impact on your overall body and well-being, without compromising taste or satisfaction. We offer a vegan menu that features locally-sourced ingredients in their most natural form to create inspiring dishes that are made fresh daily.

Our mission is to fulfill our guests’ lives through better eating while incorporating a more sustainable plant-based lifestyle.

At Green Bar & Kitchen, our goal is to simply spread the word on the benefits a plant-based diet has on food lovers everywhere.

Green Bar & Kitchen is owned and operated by Damn Good Hospitality, who takes great pride in bringing new and cutting-edge concepts and events to South Florida with their entertainment complex with venues including Stache, Revolution Live and America's Backyard in greater Fort Lauderdale and C.W.S. Bar + Kitchen in Lake Worth.

Green means: life, growth, and compassion. We started Green Bar & Kitchen to make a difference in peoples lives with a heart to give back to our community. A heart of compassion, a heart of life and a heart of green.

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Our Manifesto
Live a plant-powered life.
Be real. Be raw. Be radiant.
Make each day fresh-from-scratch.
Go for greens and grains.
Cultivate a wholesome life.
Pursue power-packed proteins.
Eat pure. Think pure.
Remain as colorful as your veggies.
Don’t waste or worry.
Nourish your mind and body.
Strive to be rich in vitamins and friends.
Take what nature provides.
Give back to your community.
Stand up for what’s right.
Sit down for a good meal.
Choose local and sustainable.
Insist on quality and goodness.
Believe in your dreams.
Love life.
Always be grateful.
Show your heart of green.

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