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Good for the Mind, Body and Soul

February 3, 2013

Why a little bit (or a lot) of GBK is good for the body, the mind and the soul.

At GBK, we believe that the body is a temple. For us, that means putting the finest of ingredients into our bodies. We believe in selecting natural local ingredients that are free from gluten, additives and hormones and bursting with vitamins, minerals and flavor. We believe in feeding our bodies the most nourishing and satisfying foods on the planet. From superfoods like maca and spirulina to grounding flavors like garlic and quinoa, our plant-based kitchen will supply your body what it needs: nourishment, growth, loss-or all three. When you feel truly nourished from whole foods, it opens up doors: doors to health, and doors to happiness.

A plant-based diet has been shown to decrease disease and increase longevity. It can support and enhance the mind in the present moment. Dozens of  studies have concluded one amazing finding: vegetarians tend to be happier. Isn’t that what we all want? Whether happiness and an elevated mood has to do with vitamins in specific fruits, vegetables and grains that boost your “happy hormones,” or the colors that your mind processes first from the presentation of food with every color of the rainbow: we affirm that plant-based eating boosts the mind muscle.

In today’s society it’s considered the norm to eat fast and processed foods loaded with ingredients that have traveled across the world, and ultimately foods that just look presentable on the outside.  At GBK society we believe that food should look pretty on the inside as well. Produce should be harvested with love, picked with love, prepared with love and served with love. And that’s what you’ll receive when you partake in the fruits of our plant-based kitchen. Our entire staff maintains a fun, optimistic and energetic environment: a contagious attitude transmuted into the food, to really nourish the soul.

It is not our intention to force a plant-based diet. It is our intention, to encourage these plant-based beliefs, attitudes and life truths to resonate somewhere within yourself.

Come nourish yourself: your body, your mind and your soul.

About the Author

Carly Gross Carly is a plant-based foodie, with a passion for mind-body healing; an energy-loving, modern-day health hippie combining the love of spirituality and food into one. Her Health Education studies at The University of Florida are being paired with a firm foundation in holistic nutrition and her tendencies point her toward a life filled with ayurveda, raw foods, reiki, energy work and a deep desire to use these things to help people reconnect with who they really are.


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