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April 2, 2015

“… To get healthier …”

The environmental and equality issues associated with a meat-based diet are secondary to the health-risks of individuals everywhere. While a cleaner environment certainly benefits the health of humans, the actual diet of the individual has immeasurable benefits. A 2015 study from U.S. Health provides new insight into the preventable procedures available to assist in eliminating disease prior to being afflicted.


“Bioactive compounds in plant-based foods interact with cells, enzymes, hormones and DNA which affects gene expression and cell changes — the interaction helps to greatly reduce chronic disease.” – Collective-Evolution.com


A plant-based diet has proven to:
  • prevent diabetes
  • lower cardiovascular disease
  • lower cholesterol
  • lower blood sugar
  • lower blood pressure
  • increase testosterone
  • increase energy
  • combat obesity
  • combat cancer
  • assuage the aging process
Approximately thirty-three percent of U.S. adults suffer from high blood pressure, which can directly result in heart disease and any variety of stroke; two of the leading causes of death in American adults. Higher potassium intake helps lower blood-pressure; meat and animal-related edibles typically contain little to no potassium and conversely can raise blood pressure and cholesterol.

On par with blood pressure is cancer. A significantly plant-based diet can actually be the single-most important factor in avoiding several cancers, specifically colon and breast cancer. The phytochemicals – naturally occurring chemicals in plants – make up the drug market’s leading products designed to prevent and treat cancer, specifically breast cancer.


“A group of chemicals called flavanoids help reduce the strong effect of oestrogen that influences breast cancer, while others target key pathways such as ‘apopotosis’ or cell death, and still others prevent ‘angiogenesis’ or the process of formation of new blood vessels which triggers dormant cancers.” – Natureasia.com


Fiber has proven to be the supreme combatant to high blood sugar. Fiber can slow down the absorption of sugars within the bloodstream, which beneficially affects stress and hunger levels. Soluble fiber has been proven to lower blood cholesterol levels. Similar to potassium intake, animal byproducts actually raise blood sugar. A high-fiber diet is a healthy diet, proven time and again.

Weight loss, improved vision, lower inflammation, sleep health and healthy skin are several of the dozens of additional health-related byproducts associated with eating healthy, clean and plant-based. Green Bar & Kitchen is committed to using the finest, locally-sourced plant-based products available to assist and educate the community and ensure the health of all individuals is of paramount importance. Providing the best and most-appropriate products is the first step; providing the factual eduction behind the benefits is the second step. Once the education is provided, the issue becomes less of a choice and more of a lifestyle. Internal investments are never going out of style; never a bad idea. Time spent learning about the products offered and consumed locally and nationally reaps it’s own rewards. Keep learning, keep growing!

“Whatever the reason; we’re glad you are here.”



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