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Also called “wheat meat”, “wheat protein”, “wheat gluten” or simply “gluten”, seitan becomes surprisingly similar to the look and texture of meat when cooked, making it a popular meat substitute. Seitan is also high in protein, making it a popular protein source for vegetarians and vegans. Seitan differs from tempeh and tofu in that it isn’t made from soy. It’s actually made from wheat, and more specifically gluten. Some even refer to it as “wheat meat.” It’s high in protein as well, and has a very similar texture to meat, making it ideal for vegetarian dishes meant to mimic meat-based ones.

Tempeh is made from cooked and slightly fermented soybeans and formed into a patty, similar to a very firm veggie burger. Many commercially prepared brands of tempeh add other grains, such as barley, and there are many varieties available with also add spices and extra flavors.

A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a plant, animal, microorganism or other organism whose genetic makeup has been modified in a laboratory using genetic engineering or transgenic technology. This creates combinations of plant, animal, bacterial and virus genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods.Genetic modification affects many of the products we consume on a daily basis. As the number of GMOs available for commercial use grows every year, the Non-GMO Project works diligently to provide the most accurate, up-to- date standards for non-GMO verification. In order for a product to be Non-GMO Project Verified, its inputs must be evaluated for compliance with our standard.

Gluten is a general name for the proteins found in wheat (wheatberries, durum, emmer, semolina, spelt, farina, farro, graham, KAMUT® khorasan wheat and einkorn), rye, barley and triticale – a cross between wheat and rye. Gluten helps foods maintain their shape, acting as a glue that holds food together. Gluten can be found in many types of foods, even ones that would not be expected.

Gluten is the protein found in wheat. Its what gives bread its shape and pizza dough its elasticity. Vital wheat gluten is just the protein in a powdered form. It is made by washing wheat flour dough with water until all the starches dissolve, leaving just the gluten behind. Although vital wheat gluten looks like a flour, it’s not a "flour" like whole-wheat is a flour, rather it’s powdered gluten.

Seitan, Tofu, Tempeh, Edamame, Lentils, Chickpeas, Nutritional Yeast, Spelt and Teff, Hempseed, Green Peas, Spirulina, Amaranth and Quinoa, Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bread, Soy Milk, Oats and Oatmeal, Wild Rice, Chia Seeds, Nuts and Nut Butter.